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PariNAm is from Sanskrit and means alteration, change or transformation. PariNAm can also mean result or effect.

My Coaching is impactful and transformational and it produces sustained, guaranteed and measurable results. It is not so much where or what you are today, Coaching can help you see what you can become and help you get there.

Hello, my name is Ram Sundaresan and I am a transformational coach and business advisor based in Chennai, India. My mission is to challenge individuals and organisations to uncover their ikigai and unleash their potential. My clients are located in Chennai, Bangalore, Delhi as well as other major cities in India ; some are abroad. They are individuals, corporate leaders and business owners…

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Unleash Your Potential.

My Services

  • Executive / Leadership Coaching for senior corporate executives.
  • Personal Coaching for individuals.
  • Business Coaching for entrepreneurs and business owners including start-ups.
  • Elevating teams from good to great and world-class through systemic team coaching.

What others say

As an Executive Coach, Ram has a mindset to explore possibilities and maximize potential of his coachees. Also a passion towards learning and continuous upskilling that helps bring multiple perspectives to his coaching conversations

– Sripriyaa and Venkat Subramanyan
Founders Global Coaching Lab, Singapore

My credentials

  • Marshall Goldsmith Certified Executive Coach for Leaders and for Teams
  • Brain Based / Results Coaching Certification by NeuroLeadership Institute, USA
  • ACA (Chartered Accountant), ACS, ACMA, AMP (Kellogg)
  • Experience – 25+ years in corporate world ; 7+ years as Business Advisor, Entreprenuer, Investor ; 2 years as a full-time leadership and Business coach

Let’s talk Coaching ….

Coaching makes successful people even more successful. Think Virat Kohli or Roger Federer; PV Sindhu or Serena Williams – all of them owe their success to their coaches. Coaching promotes positive change by improving thinking. It bridges the gap between Knowing and Doing. It is about teaching a man to fish vs. feeding him a fish. Coaching is different from Mentoring, Advising, Consulting or Therapy. Coaching can be a powerful tool for making continuous improvement both in yourself as well as your teams.

What exactly is Business Coaching?


Neuroleadership Institute

Coaching is facilitating positive change by improving thinking

ICF - International Coach Federation

Coaching is is partnering with clients in a thought-provoking and creative process that inspires them to maximize their personal and professional potential

Marshall Goldsmith

Coaching is is enabling successful leaders to lead / behave more effectively, through positive behaviour change, that is sustained, recognised, and acknowledged by others

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