What is coaching?

Coaching is a consistent, session-based, support process through which you can work to identify your true life and career desires, address limiting beliefs and gain the confidence to achieve your goals. It’s an ongoing process, which involves regular exploration of your thoughts, feelings and behaviours and becoming accountable for making changes by taking action.

How does Leadership and Business coaching work?

For coaching to work most effectively, you need : motivation, commitment and the willingness to take actions to make changes in your life. The Coach works in a neutral, non-judgmental and supportive capacity to help his client or the coachee togain clarity on his / her desires, implement change and to challenge any negative thinking that might be holding them back. The Coach becomes your sounding board, your advocate, a cheerleader and an accountability partner.


The business coaching program is tailored to your needs – who you are now and where you want to be.

The business coaching engagement typically comprises six to ten coaching sessions with the first session being complementary. This discovery session enables the business coach and the client to understand each other and define the expected outcome from the engagement. At the end of the first session, the coach evaluates the expressed goals of the clients and charts the future course of the engagement in consultation with the coachee.

All coaching sessions are conducted virtually over video calls; hence, the coachee can be located anywhere in the world.

Is coaching for you?

Coaching is for anyone who:

  • Needs clarity on life or career goals
  • Wants to be more pro-active
  • Wants to be more productive or improve their time-management
  • Feels stuck in their personal life or career and is not sure how to move forward
  • Wants support to make a career, life, relationship or family change
  • Is struggling with interpersonal or professional relationships

How can you benefit from Executive and Leadership coaching?

In your personal life:

  • Clarity on your life direction and personal goals
  • A manageable and positive plan for your life
  • Learning how to make potentially difficult changes with peace of mind
  • Building self-esteem and confidence
  • Help run your life more smoothly, efficiently and with a sense of calm
  • Increasing your sense of achievement and fulfillment

In your career:

  • Clarity on your career goals and a plan to achieve them
  • Becoming clear about what kind of professional environment suits you and will help you to flourish
  • Breaking away from a limiting career, work environment or income
  • Gaining leadership or management skills
  • Discarding negative head-chat and starting to project a positive attitude

Specifically, executive and leadership coaching is designed to :

  • Equip senior leaders make better decisions, drive strategic initiatives, maximize critical thinking and develop a proactive attitude towards work.
  • Inspire individuals to maximise their personal and professional potential.

Before you are a leader, success is all about growing yourself. When you become a leader, success is all about growing others

Jack Welch