• Firm believer in healthy body, healthy mind – practice yoga, meditation, naturopathy (my wife is a Doctor who keeps me on track)
  • Love exploring the world through travel – have set a goal to visit 100 countries before I turned 60 ; there’s quite some distance still to cover
  • My heart is in Chennai where I have lived most of my life; love everything the city has to offer from beaches to temples to classical music to kollywood to dosa-sambar and thayir saadam
  • Balance in all dimensions of life is an important principle I follow – career AND family AND health AND hobbies (AND rather than OR)
  • Vedic chanting and classical music are my path to devotion and spirituality
  • I am highly organized and a perfectionist; however, over time I have learnt to let go
  • Have always loved reading (business, history, biographies, personal growth) and my new found passion is writing
  • I have an eye for aesthetics especially when it comes to home décor (my daughter is a designer)

If you want to build a high performance organization, you’ve got to play chess, not checkers.

Mark Miller, Author - Chess, not checkers.