Sripriyaa Venkat & Venkat Subramanyan
Founders, Tripura Multinational and Global Coaching Lab

It has been a wonderful association with Ramakrishnan (Ram) Sundaresan over the last 5 years for us. Ram has been an active Business Advisor and now an Executive Coach with our organizations – Global Coaching Lab and Tripura Multinational. What we want to acknowledge him for as our advisor is his continuous efforts to explore collaboration opportunities and scale for our businesses. He relentlessly pursued his Executive Coaching Certification that has further added value to his collaboration and association with our organizations. As an Executive Coach, Ram has a mindset to explore possibilities and maximize potential of his coachees. He has also demonstrated passion towards learning and continuous upskilling that helps him to bring multiple perspectives to his coaching conversations. Venkat and I, wish him the very best in his continued journey to helping people find their Ikigai ( Purpose). read more

Sajan PK
Former, Head - Communications, Verizon India

When I signed up for coaching by Ram, my friend and former colleague, I anticipated a good mix of fun and learning in store, but in the end, I got much more than I bargained for. Ram’s infectious passion and illuminating insights helped me navigate unexplored areas of my inner self, bringing to bear a larger sense of purpose with stunning clarity. What lied dormant as a set of nebulous ideas are now a set of clear-cut goals that inspire action. With rare simplicity, Ram showed me how transformation is not magic, but a mind art to master. read more

Srikanth S
Finance Manager - Pygmalion Renaissance Pvt Ltd

Ram is an insightful coach and is very process oriented. His approach to and techniques of problem solving,that I learnt during my sessions have been very helpful and I use them regularly. Coaching under him helped me understand myself better. My key learning was that, it is important for us to face our fears to unleash our potential. read more

Balakrishnan Hariharan
Senior VP – Newt Global Consulting

Thank you Ram.You gave me the encouragement I needed to believe in myself, and the discipline that guaranteed results. You built me into a better individual professionally and personally.
Regardless of my past achievements or previous experience, nothing really had prepared me for my future. You addressed my challenges and opportunities in such a positive, engaging and skillful manner.
Each session with you was a new discovery, new life lesson, new opportunity to better myself and get that much closer to my goals. Also, your motivation helped me go back to my real life passion and get involved in many things I really missed thanks to my hectic professional life. A special thanks for that.

Ram is a great coach, mentor and friend. He helped me believe in myself, kept me motivated and on track. I highly recommend him as a Coach and confidant. If you are looking for a plan and a Coach to grow professionally and personally , Ram can help you! read more

Neeta and Satish Goel
Founders, Newt Global Consulting

Ram has been a strategy advisor from 2013 for Newt Global operating in USA and in India. He has coached some of our senior executives and has been a beacon who has helped us in strategizing, steering and evolving our organizations. What sets Ram apart from hundreds of senior industry professionals we come across and work with, is his depth of knowledge, openness to learn new ideas/technologies, patience, endless energy, and ability to work with every level of the organization. We have always looked up to him for guidance in all our good and bad times. In a nutshell, he is our best friend, philosopher and guide! read more

Rahul N Saxena
Former, SVP and MD Verizon India

Ram was a key member of my executive leadership team in Verizon India (2008-2012). I looked at him not just for financial management – he was my CFO – but for also for general guidance and strategy. As a team, we turned around a company of about 4,500 employees which was facing an uncertain future. Within 18 months, the company stabilized and eventually grew to be 6,700 employees strong, and became one of Verizon’s most valuable knowledge assets. Ram’s role in this turnaround was critical.
Aside his role as CFO, Ram led Governance, Risk Management and Compliance. I found Ram to be a seasoned leader with high integrity, strong domain expertise and an ability to work in a global environment and communicate effectively to influence key stakeholders to get to the desired outcomes. I am confident anyone who engages Ram as a coach will benefit enormously from his rich experience and affable style of working. read more

Karthik Venkitesh
Manager IP strategy and Intellectual Assets, SKF, Gothenburg Sweden

It has been a great experience working with Ram as my coach. I came in to the coaching process with quite some fuzziness but a solid structure, pedagogical approach and clear communication helped me a great deal in providing simplicity and clarity. There was a clear red thread along the coaching journey in terms of frameworks, tools and exercises. At the same time it was quite engaging and fun to have the one-one discussions which I always looked forward to. From a hazy outlook to begin with I now have a few concrete actionable steps to work with to become a better version of myself, thanks to Ram. read more