Hello,  my name is Ram Sundaresan and I am a transformational executive and business coach based in Chennai, India. I enjoy working with individuals and organisations to help them uncover their ikigai and unleash their full potential.

My clients are individuals, corporate leaders and business owners looking to produce measurable results and  become more effective, productive and  successful. I help them lead meaningful, fulfilled and happy lives. I should know, as I had a transformative experience when I underwent Executive Coaching while working in the Corporate world.

I have coached individuals to improve their thinking and inspired them to maximize their potential by challenging them to live their beliefs and achieve balance in all areas of their life. Likewise, I have coached corporate leaders to improve their leadership effectiveness and achieve growth in many ways including improving their strategic thinking, navigating transitions and change effectively, conflict management, building executive presence,  influencing stakeholders etc. Similarly, I have helped business owners and startups to move their business to a higher gear by scaling profitably.

I am an Executive Coach certified by Marshall Goldsmith Coaching as well as by the Neuro leadership Institute, both these global bodies are headquartered in the USA.

My background is in finance and general management.  I am a Chartered Accountant (CA/CPA) from India apart from being a member of the Institute of Company Secretaries and the Institute of Management Accountants. I was also fortunate to attend an Advanced General Management program from Kellogg Business School in the US. In my corporate career spanning over 25 years, I held several roles in different companies in various industries. My last role was that of  Country General Manager and CFO for Verizon Communications, a Fortune company for whom I helped establish their technology back office in India in 2001 which had grown to 6000+ resources in three cities when I left the company in 2013.  Since then, I have been a business advisor and independent director on the boards of six companies, in different lines of businesses.

As your Coach, I am committed to supporting you in your quest to become a better version of yourself. Please get in touch with me today to begin your journey to greatness.

Apart from my passion for making others great, I take interest in personal investment / wealth management, travel, health / wellness, humour, carnatic music and spirituality (not necessarily in that order) and you will find me expressing my thoughts on these topics from time to time. Do drop me a note, if my blogs, videos, podcasts provoke you – after all, there is reason why people come together and a lot can happen when they do.